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Jurassic Park Online slots - the Amazing Adventure Starts Here

Just as you thought you saw everything - the Jurassic Park Online Slots game will bring you new challenges and adventures. This new online casino special will get you into the game in no time. With your registration you get a free bonus that you can claim immediately as you enter the Jurassic Park world and start playing. This is a 5-slots online game, in which you also get an increased winning odds by using free bonus rounds.

This game has amazing graphics that will take your playing experience to a new level. All the features are inspired by the Jurassic Park theme from the 1993 movie, to produce hours of fun that get players to choose it over and over again.

Get into the adventure now!

Play Jurassic Park Online Slots Everywhere

With amazing graphics formatted for all Mobile devices, you can now play Jurassic Park Online Slots at any time, any place. Whether you're on your way to work, taking a long walk in the park, or enjoying a sunny day at the edge of the pool during your vacation. Look for the FREE BONUS round and claim the bonuses to get more fun out of the game. Every time, everywhere.


When you're inside the Jurassic Park Online Slots game, you get all the bonus claims and benefits only experienced players achieve.

T-Rex alert:

Every once in a while a T-rex will appear, giving you an extra 35 wild symbols in the game, that increase your winnings.

The wild symbols will multiply your initial winnings, giving you more chance of getting triplets, quadruplets and so on.

FREE bonus claims:

All you need to do in order to get the bonus rounds is to get 3, 4 of 5 scatters, and after 25 you get to choose any of the following bonus rounds:

T-Rex: Wild Reels:

When T-Rex appears on screen, it gives you a Reel Wild win, by turning a reels wild! If you choose this bonus claim, you will play twelve Spins of Wild Reels; The T-Rex appears on the reels, and the symbols summed up on all the reels, gives you up to 6 winnings, with 35 extra Wilds in the game.

Velociraptor: Multiplier Wilds & Split Wilds:

When you choose the Velociraptor bonus claim, you get to play twelve Spins, with Split Wilds or Multiplier Wilds! In this bonus too, the Velociraptor symbols summed up on all the reels.

Both extends your profits amazingly: 

The Split Wilds splits into two, giving you much more winning possibilities and increase your winnings, Up 6 of a kind!

The Multiplier Wilds will give you a random multiplier: 4x, 5x or 6x, multiplying your winnings.

Brachiosaurus: Mystery Multiplier:

Choosing the Brachiosaurus bonus claim will give you twelve Spins in which you will be playing with a Mystery Multiplier: 2x, 3x, 4x, 5x or 6x! Brachiosaurus symbols will sum up on all the reels, to increase your winnings. 

The Mystery Multiplier will affect the game and your bonus claim for a random number of spins, starting from the first spin, accordingly: 2x and 3x are active for 5 spins at max, and 3 spins at least. 

4x is active for 4 spins at max, and 3 spins at least. 5x and 6x will take effect for 4 spins.

In addition, choosing Brachiosaurus will get you EXTRA WINNINGS, because (unlike in the others) spins can multiply.

Triceratops: Running Wilds:

Triceratops will let you play twelve Spins having Running Wilds, which will add 1 Wild symbol to each stack for each spin! (In addition to 3 symbols to begin with, in the initial stack) 

Triceratops symbols will stack 3 symbols on all reels for the same bonus claim, according to the following:

On Partial stack: a group of Triceratops will run across, turning wild symbols to a Wild reels. The Wild reels hold in place, while the remaining reels spins again. In advance, Split Wild symbols splits, giving you more winning options.

On Full Stack: The Reel Wilds will hold, while the other reels will spin again. 

Notice that the re-spin will not decrease the worth of the Spins Remaining.

Dilophosaurus: Winning Wilds: 

Dilophosaurus awards twelve Spins having Winning Wilds in play, during which a Dilophosaurus will spit a symbol, turning it to Wild! Notice all Dilophosaurus symbols will be summed on all reels, and the Winning Wild symbols will remain in position, and be added to your winnings.

If you choose this bonus, you also get a MULTYPLY winnings: here, the Winning Wild are relevant for ALL of the symbols!

Get Ready for FUN

Ready to get STARTED? Choose every one of the bonus claims to increase your chances of winnings, as well as your enjoyment from the game, and get ready to enjoy the adventure getting vivid with the great animation and the exciting music and features. This fun, high quality, entertaining game will give you hours of enjoyment.

The Payout Rate of the game is 96.08%

Ready to start playing? Get into the adventure now!